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Post # 5

Andrew’s Story of the weekPost#5 Negotiations Part 2

-Previously in the 26th century-
Victoria was sent to Italis 1 for negotiations with the Federation. Right after the agreement was made the capitol was attacked! Everyone was beamed onboard for evacuation.

-And now the conclusion-

“It appears someone does not approve of this.” Said the Captain. The Head Councilor replied “Disapproved!? Somebody hates our guts because of it!”. “ Stay calm. It was probably El Cartel Espacio.” Said the first officer. 

Then a warship jumped out of warp and locked it’s disrupters on the Victoria. Suddenly a phase beam came from behind and struck the vessel. The Victoria hailed the Vessel. “ This is Republic/Federation space. What are your intentions?” asked the Captain. “We are the vessel Pach from El Cartel Espacio. We do not approve of this alliance prepare to die!”

“Lock on to the Pach all torpedo tubes. Ready. Fire.”
One warp engine on the Pach exploded.

“We will  be avenged!” exclaimed the Captain of the Pach as it slowly destroyed.

And so the Victoria was destined to fight the Cartel another day.

List of known races and affiliations
Republic: Humans , Mandorians , Ferengi , Qwertations.
Federation: Italis , Domonicqua  , Aftorians , Letheed.
Space Cartel: Trugens, Ferengi, Favorians .
Ta’Bachi Empire: Ta’Bach, Favorians, Anglicans, exTa.

exTa collective: All unlucky life forms. 

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Andrew’s Story of the Week
Post #4
Negotiations Part 1

        The Victoria returned to star base 12 for instruction.
“Prepare to dock” the Capt. told Ensign Brown.
        Consa-Club gave instruction to the whole 1st fleet to escort the Victoria to Italis 1 the home world of the federation.

        The Victoria’s mission was to negotiate an alliance with the Federation. The exTa attack was only the beginning for a war. Favoris was getting into the war to.

        “Members of the council. I propose an alliance from the Republic to the Federation. We could both benefit from this. Our technologies combined could be invincible. Realms could be expanded. We could bring the universe to peace! All I ask is that we have at least a minor alliance.”
Said Capt. O’Hera to the council.

        The council met and decided that there would be an alliance. “ I hereby declare that the Republic and the Federation are now allies. All territories, technologies and resources must be shared. The burdens of the war are now split.

        Then suddenly  there was an explosion in the distance.
The capitol of the Federation had been destroyed by terrorists. That meant there was a spy and somebody didn’t approve of the alliance.

        The Capt. told everyone “It will be all right. Everybody arrange into groups of eight.”

        Everybody beamed up to the ship. “ You have betrayed us ! What have we done to you !” exclaimed the head of the council. “Everyone stay calm we will sort this out.” Said the Capt.

                To Be Continued Later.

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Post #3

Andrew’s Story of the Week
The Battle Part 2

          Previously on the world of htraE.

The Victoria had encountered the exTa and were being attacked. Luckily there was an armed Republic vessel close by. The Yeoman arrived then suddenly a whole fleet of exTa showed up!

The conclusion.

          The Capt. commanded Lt. Queis “Arm lightar all tubes! “The Lt. did as he was told. The captain told the Lt.  “Fire!” And so the Victoria fired on the head ship. The Yeoman and Victoria fought until more ships arrived. The next ones to arrive were N.C.C 18093-FE which was the Gyro and N.C.C 18084-G which was the Warrior. The Warrior was the Victoria’s sister ship as it was N.C.C 18084- G and the Victoria was N.C.C 18085-G.

 “Captain we’ve been hit! Port side!” said Lt. Queis. Ens. Brown reported “We can let of a strong discharge of photon energy from the main deflector dish to replicate photon torpedoes.” The captain said “Make it so.”  So the Victoria fired a beam of photon particles and three exTa ships were destroyed.

The exTa fleet saw that the Victoria was a strong ship and they went back to Quantar to regroup.

The modern list of Republic ships
1st fleet of the new century
N.C.C 18060-I is the Montrey
N.C.C 18061-I is the Omega 
          N.C.C 18062-I is the Britannia 
N.C.C 18063-I is the O’Brien
N.C.C 18064-I is the Galaxasia
N.C.C 18065-I is the Londris
N.C.C 18066-I is the Generation
N.C.C 18067-I is the Titanic1
N.C.C 18068-I is the Luxemburg
N.C.C 18069-I is the Albion
2nd fleet of the new century
N.C.C 18070-H is the Bulwark
N.C.C 18071-H is the Oceanis
N.C.C 18072-H is the Fearless
N.C.C 18073-H is the Intrepid
N.C.C 18074-H is the Centaur
N.C.C 18075-H is the Hermes
N.C.C 18076-H is the Theseus
N.C.C 18077-H is the Misoa
N.C.C 18078-H is the Tasajera
N.C.C 18079-H is the Bachaquero

3rd fleet of the new century
N.C.C 18080-G is the Boxer
N.C.C 18081-G is the Brusier
N.C.C 18082-G is the Thruster
N.C.C 18083-G is the Anzio
N.C.C 18084-G is the WarriorTromso
N.C.C 18085-G is the Victoria
N.C.C 18086-G is the Attacker
  N.C.C 18087-G is the Avenger
N.C.C 18088-G is the Batteler
N.C.C 18089-G is the Hunter

3rd fleet of the new century.

N.C.C 18090-F is the Abbotsham
N.C.C 18091-F is the Abdiel
N.C.C 18093-F is the Gyro
N.C.C 18094-F is the Abeille
N.C.C 18095-F is the Abelard
N.C.C 18096-F is the Abelia
N.C.C 18097-F is the Abercrombie
N.C.C 18098-F is the Aberdare 
N.C.C 18099-F is the Aberdeen

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Andrew’s Story of the Week
Post #2
The Battle Part 1
          “Number one, can you identify this vessel?” asked the captain. The first officer answered “It is an exTa Class 73 war vessel.” The exTa were humanoids similar to the Borg. They had supported the Ta’Bachi during the war of Alderon . “Lt. Queis Hail the exTa vessel” commanded the Captain.
          “There is no response sir” reported the Lt. The captain commanded him “Go to yellow alert.” The exTa thought of themselves as a highly advanced civilization, and ignored human hails. “Go to yellow alert” ordered the captain to Lt. Queis. Lt. Queis reported “They are preparing their phasoid cannons. The Capt. ordered “Raise shields to 100% power”. The vessel fired their weapons at the Victoria.
          Luckily the Victoria survived the attack. “What are the closest Republican vessels with weapons?” Asked the captain. “The Yeoman in sector 376.” Reported Ensign Terra. “Call for backup.” Commanded the captain.

          The Victoria battled the exTa vessel until the Yeoman arrived. Then, suddenly a whole fleet of warships arrived and fired on the two vessels! The captain told Lt. Queis “Send a mayday to all of Conseclube! This could be the next galactic war!” explained the captain.

                             To be continued!

                             The staff of the U.S.S Victoria
The captain is Cameron O’Hera.
The first officer is Riley Watson. His nickname is Number one.

                                      The Lt. section
Lt. Majara is in engineering
Lt. Daktora is in tactics
Lt. Maltson is in security
Lt. Oneja is a science officer
Lt. O’Brien is a transporter specialist
Lt. Lagona is a councilor
Lt. Queis is in tactics
Lt.  Jones is in navigation
Lt. Brinson is in engineering
Lt. Daniels is a councilor
Lt. Conley is in security
Lt. Ani is in engineering
Lt.  Duncan is in tactics
Lt.  Mc Gween is a science officer.
Lt.  Faulkner is a transporter specialist
                                      The ensign section
Ens. Klein is in security
Ens. Terra is in tactics
Ens. Jackson is in security
Ens. Jemison is in engineering
Ens. Utah is a Jr. councilor
Ens. Farrell is a transporter specialist .

Ens. Brown is a science officer.

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Andrew’s Story of the Week
Post #1
The Republic
        The United Republic of L Class planets and systems was the main government except for the Ta’Bachiate Empire. This was racing to be number one. All of the other governments were in trade with the other two or neutral. There was a twenty year war named the war of Alderon. In that war a non-aligned zone was created. Neither government was allowed to cross the zone.

        The U.S.S Victoria was created to protect the republican side of the zone as the inhabiting humanoids would call it. The Victoria was also built to explore the galaxy and provide backup in space battles.

        The Republic’s major trading partners were Mandora, Ferengis, and Aftorris 5 .

        The Ta’Bachiate empire’s main trading partners were Favoris, exTa, and Anglackis.

        Now that we have the basics down you can enter the world of htraE. (Earth spelled as it is in the 26th century)

        The Application
The Victoria Had an assignment on the class L world Terris5.They had submitted an application for the republic. Capt. O’Hera  gave the order “Slow to thrust.”

          They beamed down to the planet. An hour later  the conference started. Capt. O’Hera asked the prime minister “Why do you believe that you should be on the republic?” The prime minister answered “We are a class L planet that is in stage 3 of cultural development” Capt. O’Hera said “Thank you we will turn in a report and consider your application.”

          So the away team went back to the ship. The Capt. asked the councilor “Would you say that these people are eligible to join?”
The councilor replied “Their minds seem well” “Thank you councilor”

          So the Victoria sent the report to Earth